Granddaughter: Ventura Family Portrait Photography

This client wanted photos of her family, but primarily of her granddaughter. Her and her husband traveled down from San Francisco for a visit, and we chose Arroyo Verde park in Ventur for their family photos.   Technical details: Mamiya 645AF with 80mm f/2.8 lens, Nikon F100 with 50mm f/1.4 lens, Kodak Portra 400 film….

Amanda and Morgan (and Family) – Ventura Portrait Photography

You might remember Amanda and Morgan: I photographed their wedding awhile ago (see it here). It’s such a profoundly touching¬†experience to document a couple’s wedding, and then see their family grow over time. As you can see, Amanda was pregnant for this family portrait session (she’s just given birth at the time of this writing)….

Family Portraits at Arroyo Verde Park

Arroyo Verde Park is probably my favorite park in the city of Ventura. But ironically, I haven’t taken many family portraits there. So it’s always a pleasure when I get a chance, as I did with this wonderful family a few weeks ago. Those girls are so cute! And as a bonus, the wildflowers were…


A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the grandfather to photograph his grandson’s christening, and to take some family portraits afterward. The extended family was all here in town (Ventura, California), just for the weekend, so it was an ideal time to do it. We crossed our fingers that the weather would be…

Client Session: Arroyo Verde Park

The couple in this blog post are repeat clients. Several years ago I photographed the two of them and their Jack Russell Terrier on the beach. They’ve had a ‘new addition’ to the family, and wanted to commemorate the occasion with more family portraits. Rather than the beach this time, we went with a park…