Fashion Show: Nicholas Clements-Lindsey


It’s LA Fashion Week! You’d think they wouldn’t even let me near Los Angeles this week, being the snappy dresser that I am. But apparently the fashion police were busy elsewhere, and I sneaked over the border and landed at Smashbox Studios in Culver City. At the request of Andrea Pohlot and, I had a nice press-pit seat to view and shoot the new collection from Nicholas Clements-Linsey (

I shall let the images finish off this post. Remember, I donate a canned food item to the local food bank for each non-spam comment left on my blog.

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11 thoughts on “Fashion Show: Nicholas Clements-Lindsey

  1. Dude you rock! I wanna be your helper next time you shoot one of these! F4 whooo hooo! I have some new lens that would be perfect for it!

  2. wow this is the first set of pics ive seen from the show. would you happen to have any shots of me? i was the blk male model in the pink shirt. You took some kick ass shots btw!

  3. Thanks Ed!

    Thanks Jason! I’ve sent you a private email about additional images.

    (two canned goods donated to Food Share)

  4. Thanks Patrick! It was pretty tight quarters on the press stands though. You would have both been sitting on my lap!

    (another canned good on its way to the needy!)

  5. Hi Matt,

    Your photos are awesome! I attended this fashion show, and didn’t get any photos. I am an independent blogger (i.e., it’s just me!) Can you please tell me what I need to do to use some (3) of your photos on my blog? (The second photo on from the top and the photo of Nicholas Clements-Lindsey and the Commentator and did you get one of Justin Shaw – one of the black male models (he was the model on the invite that was sent out)
    I’d greatly appreciate it!


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