Chrysler 300, Dean Martin and I

Well this is non-photo-related and a bit weird and disturbing.

Back in 1999, when I was a musician making electronic dance music under the name The Rip Off Artist (among other names), I had a little track released that, while never a ‘hit’, got used on a few movie soundtracks and such. It was a remix of an old lounge tune called “Sway”. I took versions by Dean Martin and Julie London and did a mash up of the two (before “mash up” was even a term), and it was released on a compilation of lounge remixes called Electro Lounge.

So tonight my wife turned off the TV. As she did, I heard this little snippet of music…and yelled “wait!!!!” I turned the TV back on, and there’s my friggin’ remix, being used for the current Chrysler 300 commercial.

Sigh. And it was a flat fee buyout. I made my money back in 1999, and it has continued to make Universal money ever since. 🙁 It’s weird being dragged back into my ‘other life’, even for a brief moment.

21 thoughts on “Chrysler 300, Dean Martin and I

  1. Congratulations! (Even though it’s not monetary congratulations) This is a truly awesome remix! You are one talented man. Perhaps you should do photography AND still do music – this remix is too good for you to never dabble in dj-ing again.
    Thanks again for making my day with my new favorite song!

  2. Thanks Kate! I appreciate your kind words. Although you’re talking to man I was rather than the man I am now. Music is very much a vestigial organ like an appendix for me now. There’s a part of it left in me (mostly the part that annoys my family with all the drumming on things around the house). But I really couldn’t stomach the thought of trying to make music again. Not to mention, I sold all my gear years ago. Perhaps someone wants to record me whacking on things with my hands? 🙂

    (one canned good added to the grocery list, to be picked up and donated.)

  3. Just so you know, I called Chrysler to find out info on this song. They could not tell me where I could get it, (thanks a HEAP for the grooveshark Link-you MADE MY DAY!!!) they did tell me it was a Dean Martin-Julie London Collaboration that was mixed by… Matt Haines. So Kudos to you & great to know that you are listed as the person who put the mix together.

  4. Wow, thanks for going to all that trouble, Tina! Nice to know I’m getting credit, FWIW. I’m sure the original CD is long out of print, and I know that particular sublabel of Universal was shut down a few years ago. Dusty history, all of it.

    (another canned good added to the grocery list, to be donated next week)

  5. i still have that cd, along with your others and even a vinyl somewhere i think. they’re all in the garage though. 😮

  6. If it’s any consolation, I think the mash-up is amazing. I hate commercials, but that one made me stop as I love remixed music and I went on an immediate search to find where it came from!


  7. Thanks Robert for storing them in your garage. That’s what relatives are for. 🙂

    Thanks Angie, I appreciate your kind words!

    (two cans added to the grocery list to donate, all the previous canned goods have been dropped off)

  8. Fricken’ awesome mash up. Even for my young age (39), I love Dean Martin and when I saw/heard the commercial the other night, I turned to my wife and said…”I MUST OWN THIS”….glad to have discovered you via Google and like others here urge you to reconsider getting back in the game….

    Speaking of games…maybe you can contact Activision and provide DLC mash-ups for their new game DH Hero… I’d love to play this song on that game if it were available.

  9. Thanks Jason and Randon! Very kind words. Perhaps one day I’ll post some unreleased stuff, but I’m not sure what the point would be. But no plans to get back into music.

    (two more canned food items donated.)

  10. LOVE the Song you mixed that is used in the commercial! I had to get online and do a search ASAP! I think if all older songs were mixed like this…more young people (even younger than myself…31) would appreciate the likes of Dean Martin (who I already hold an appreciation for). You should DEFINITELY get back into this field and let us know when you do. I have added the song to my profile. 🙂

  11. Hey Matt.
    Sorry to hear you’re not making anything off this remix… it’s GREAT and you definitely rock and you deserve compensation IMHO. I got online as soon as I heard it, I just had to know what it was and who composed/arranged it. YOU! I am just happy to now know 1) what the song is, and 2) who deserves the credit. Hey what goes around comes around. Maybe, as Sarah, above, says, you should get back into music!

  12. I’m touched by all the people who were so inspired by the track that they actually tried to hunt me down. Thanks Liz! Music is something I do in my head but not with my hands now.

    (another canned good donated)

  13. Now this is what I call “driving down memory lane”. Although it is a shame that you aren’t receiving what’s still rightfully yours, I think that you should just enjoy this little moments of being popular in your own right. Maybe think of it as your creativity being recognized by people that know what good music that really sells.

    Fred Homes

  14. Thanks Fred. I have no illusions about the music business, and how much or little of it involves actual creativity. But I’m ok with it, and – with some perspective I’ve gained with time – do find it flattering.

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