I took the family to the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History a month or so ago, where they had a butterfly exhibit. This is no dead-bugs-on-pins exhibit. This is a fully-enclosed, double-doored screened enclosure with thousands of butterflies and flowers inside.

Ugh. Butterflies.

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Now don’t get me wrong, I like butterflies in an “oh that was pleasant” kind of way. And they seem to like me: one landed on my shoulder and stayed there for fifteen minutes as I walked around. They’re pretty little things, much like my wife. And so are flowers. But PHOTOS of butterflies and flowers? Ugh.

Don’t like ’em. Never will. Because they all look the same. It’s really really hard to make a butterfly image unique. Also true of flowers. And combining the two subjects just compounds the problem, rather than simplifying it. So if you’re a smart camera-club member researching my likes and dislikes before I judge your print competition, take heed: I don’t “get” butterfly pictures.

So without further ado, here are my tediously unoriginal butterfly images from the museum. Some with equally tedious flowers included. Enjoy. Or not. They are, after all, butterflies. Best enjoyed in moderation, and in person.

One saving grace is that I shot them on film, coz that’s what I do when there’s family around. Fuji Sensia slide film in fact, on my Nikon N90s 35mm. I didn’t bother to spot for dust, because (as we’ve covered already) they’re butterfly pictures.

Do you need amazing butterfly or flower images for your wall or website? Don’t ask me, because I don’t have any. But do you need brilliant family or children’s portrait photography? Contact me here.

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