An Uncommon Family

A single mom.
Five adopted kids.
All with special needs.

An uncommon Family.

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We made these portraits at Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura. It was a smart choice, because it has easy accessibility—important when you have a lot of children to move about! And it also worked well with the appointment time, 2pm. It’s my favorite park to use for family portraits. But since many of my clients prefer beach settings, I don’t get to shoot here as often as I wished.

Here’s the big boy of the family. He told me I could take five pictures, and then he was done! 🙂 We managed to talk him into sitting for a few more, but it cost me a lolly pop or two.

One of the twins. What a beautiful, thoughtful expression she has! And she does smile too…but I love her serious look.

This little girl was full of smiles and joy. I’ll bet she’s happy most of the time…you can just tell.

A pensive moment for this little boy.

And this one…what a ham! “Chucky Cheese!” he would yell, whenever a camera was pointed anywhere near him. Almost too easy to take his picture.

Technical data: I used a Norman 200B and LH3B head, with a shoot-through umbrella as the main light on the group shots (and some of the individual shots as well). I also had an SB-28 mounted on a bracket on a tripod as fill. I had a gelled Sunpak 333 lighting the leaves in the background of the group shot (hidden behind the tree on camera left). I later switched that to work as a hair light for some of the shots. And when the kids started roaming about, I used on-camera flash as fill, shot on my 50mm lens wide open at f/1.8.

I wonder if this guy will put my photo on his photo blog? 🙂

7 thoughts on “An Uncommon Family

  1. Great pictures Matt, I am amazed how nice they turn out. Love the background and lighting.

  2. These are all so great! You have really captured someting special to each child. What an amazing MOM to have taken all these children in – they are all very lucky to have found one another…

    jen 🙂

  3. What a great family photography session. My absolute fav. is the last one with
    the little boy with the toy camera. I can see whose shoes he wants to follow in….!

    Way to go, Matt. Sorry I missed joining you that day.

    Those pictures are priceless. You captured a time in history that cannot be recovered.

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