Abstract Disneyland


The family and I went to Disneyland in the spring, and I challenged myself to make the place more photographically interesting than just family snapshots. Which meant carrying around two cameras, but what the heck.

The goal was to take abstract shots of Disney. Images where maybe the subject matter was apparent, maybe it wasn’t. Hey if you know what some of these are (other than the last one, which is obvious), drop me a comment and tell me your guess! This outing was inspired by one that Jules Bianchi talked about at a workshop awhile back.

When I go on vacation, I like to shoot film rather than digital. I have a special attachment to film, but my workflow doesn’t allow me to use it much professionally. So it is often reserved for “fun”. I decided to shoot 35mm slide (“chrome”) film, in this case Fuji Sensia. The year before I brought a 40-year old medium-format twin-lens-reflex camera to Disneyland – with black and white film, natch. So this outing was positively ultra-modern by comparison.

While I had this developed ages ago, I’ve just now gotten around to scanning the film. Here are some highlights.

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If you have some abstract Disneyland images online, or any abstract images of some iconic location, give me a link in a comment!







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