Help My Brain, Please!

Another quick and short post, but I need your input this time. Yeah you. You’ve been waiting for me to ask, haven’t you?

I’d like readers to give me a short list of inherently funny or peculiar objects. I hope to use the ideas in creating some image concepts. If I use an idea (and can remember where it came from after it evolves sufficiently), I will pay you royalites post it here and give you big kudos. This is a brainstorm kind of thing, which might yield nothing, or might yield some cool shots a day, a week, a month from now. I’d just like other people’s thoughts, which I can then use to spur shoot concepts.

Examples of what I mean by funny or peculiar objects: Portable toilets. Party hats. Cotton candy. Swiss cheese.

Ok your turn! Thanks.

When I was a younster and told my nana something was funny, she would always answer “funny ha-ha or funny peculiar?” In this case, both are welcome.

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