Photo-a-Day, part 2



Here is part two of my “Photo-a-Day” week-long project.

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The ‘Skater’ shot above was taken outside my house on my dSLR, and then converted to black and white. My neighbor’s kid was practicing his jumps off the curve, and graciously allowed me to take a few shots. I believe this one’s up on his MySpace page now (according to his mom).

Living Room HDR

living room (HDR)

Yes it’s my living room, mess, toys and all. Why even bother? Well…it’s an ‘HDR’ (High Dynamic Range) shot. I took five exposures with the camera mounted on a tripod, at increasingly longer shutter speeds. The result is a set of images that covers a wider dynamic range (i.e. dark to light) than a normal digital camera can accommodate. They are then merged in software to achieve an image that has more detail than normally possible. I then tweaked the image to give it more contrast, desaturation etc. But yes, it’s still my living room! It’s the prototype for a future project. Note the purple windows: this was taken just after the sun set.

Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons (Santa Paula, CA)

The First Annual Citrus Classic hot air balloon festival, in Santa Paula, CA. While the morning yielded a lot of shots, there were surprisingly few that I thought were interesting. I guess I find the subject of hot air balloons to be a little trite, photographically speaking. However the kids had a lot of fun, which was the whole point of going.

Boy and His Shadow

boy and his shadow

I love this shot! A little fill flash to get detail in the shadows, but mostly the sun lighting the side of my son’s face. And it has the cool shadow on the tree.



Oh to be a child again, with the new-found freedom of a bike. I don’t recall having a helmet when I was a kid though. In fact, when I was a kid, bikes were made out of wood and stone, and I had to walk eight miles to school, in the snow, uphill…both directions.

The first installment is here.

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