Client Shoot: Mother and Daughter


I had a nice portrait session with a mother and daughter the other day at the beach. I’ll let the images do the talking, with a little nerdy technical detail at the end.






For the posed shots among the dunes and sea grass, I used two light sources: camera left has a pair of SB-28s on a bracket, through a 45″ shoot through umbrella. Camera right was a bare SB-28, dialed down for fill. As the afternoon progressed, I geled the fill with a 1/2 CTO, and slapped a full CTO on one of the SB-28s in the umbrella (making that light source be the equivalent of a 1/2 CTO as well). This balanced the warmer light from the setting sun nicely. The other shots have me handholding the SB-28 with a 1/2 CTO and a Lumiquest SoftBox III. All were triggered with Cybersyncs.

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