Agency Test Shoot: La Piedra Beach (pt 2)


This is a continuation of the blog post from last week.

Here we see Amanda posing. By the time she made it through beach traffic, found a parking spot in the insanely crowded lot, made it down the side of the cliff to our shoot location, and got makeup applied, we were really starting to lose the light. It was obvious though that Amanda had experience: even though this was her second shoot of the day (!), she immediately started posing and got playful, just like the shoot description specified. So while she may not have gotten the same camera time that Eva did, she packed a lot into a brief shoot.

Lighting for the lead shot and the one below are both the Norman 200B in a 45″ shoot through umbrella, camera left, held by my assistant Steve.


While we were shooting, a bunch of guys stood in the distance and watched. They finally decided to go home, and walked past us. One of them was holding a crab he’d found. Steve said “hey, dinner!” and the guy said “nah, it’s dead.” As they walked off, I turned to Amanda and said “would you hold a crab?” She said sure! So I ran after the guys and asked to borrow their dead crab.

After a couple of frames, the crab moved.

I managed to catch Amanda as she reacted. 🙂 Sorry, Amanda. I promise never to make you hold any shellfish, ever again.


Now the adrenalin’s pumping, so a quick wardrobe change, and a romp in the sea. If I recall correctly, I’ve switched lights by this point. The sun is close to setting, the light is lower, and is getting warmer. So I switch out an SB-28 into the same umbrella, put a 1/2 CTO gel (orange) on it, and shoot as before. The flash matches the changing ambient much better.


And another…


And now I’ve brought Eva back in for some “girls having fun on the beach” shots.


For the final shots of the day, I ran back along the beach quite a ways, racked my lens out to maximum zoom, and had Steve stand just out of frame. It gives a wonderful, compressed-perspective effect. By this time the shadows are getting a little dark on their faces, and it’d take me too long to get a fill set up. So it’s a wrap!


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  1. I found your blog through Flickr. I really appreciate the background story behind the photos. Thanks for posting.

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