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I like taking people’s pictures.

Which is weird, sort of. Because when photography was merely a hobby for me, I hardly ever made portraits. I took pictures of things: landscapes, found objects, abstracts, whatever. I think I might have been a little timid. But then I “discovered” lighting. I say “discovered” because I’ve been using lighting all along: you can’t take a picture in absolute darkness, after all! But it was all ‘found light’. Whatever light that happened to be laying around, I used. When I first started using my newfound knowledge of flash and natural light, it was easiest to try out on the local guinea pigs (my family). And turns out I enjoyed it. Immensely! And fortunately I seem to be pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.

And I have a natural affinity with children, which is something I’ve come to discover as I’ve made a second career out of portrait photography. I can be pretty goofy and silly, which kids – oddly enough – seem to like. But so idiotic that parents and grownups are put off. Heck, I even seem to get along with most difficult of breeds: teenagers.

Like, weird.

I like taking pictures of people so much, that when I’m contemplating taking pictures for my own work (as opposed to a client), I think about who I’m going to photograph, rather than what. Mind you, I do still take photos of landscapes and shadows and things lying in the road (as long as they’re not people lying in the road). But I do enjoy people.

In my former life, I was in the music business. In fact, I went to school for it. I play the piano, sort of. I play the guitar and bass, barely. But mostly, I played the computer. I have a degree in Music Production and Engineering, if you can believe such exists. I studied how to record people, basically. I had a few different jobs in the music business, and even had a long, if not stellar, career as a recording artist and record company mogul. I made techno and electronic dance music under the name ‘The Rip Off Artist’, among other pseudonyms, and got to tour Europe, Japan and other places. I’ve had ten albums out, none of which you’ve heard, and something like over 100 tracks released. None of which you’ve heard.

Then one day, I ran out of music. Well maybe not all in one day, but it feels like that now, looking back. It just dissipated into thin air. I tried holding on, tried breaking into the pop and hip hop markets. Tried recording other artists, tried writing pop songs…to no avail.

And meanwhile, I discovered photography. One day soon, I’ll describe the process of how I went from tuneless musician to portrait photographer. But not now. Remind me though.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there Matt

    I felt compelled to write a quick hello and to mainly say that I have been influenced enormously by your earlier career as electronic music extraordinaire.So much so that I basically made it my business to collect all of your work, minus some Control X releases, which I’m sure i’ll get around to eventually.
    As you can probably gather I am an avid collector of all kinds of obscure music and have had an enjoyable 10 odd years of DJing and promoting parties in Sydney, Australia….yes that’s right, all the way down there.
    Amongst all the amazing ever changing, ever evolving electronic music releases over the past decade, your releases have still remained the most inspiring.
    The simple joy of having music evoke mind imagery is amplified each time in your work which becomes a wild ride of subtle complexities constantly taking on new form and structure.
    Your comprehension of dance floor mechanics and bringing the funk to the table whilst keeping it fresh with mutant rhythm patterns and jazz sensibility is off the charts and perhaps most importantly it is often rich in playfulness and humour ……phew!
    In short, you should be extremely proud of the contribution you have made to the historical music archive as I believe it has raised the art to a new standard and breathed life into human potentiality.
    I must congratulate you also on your new career as a photographer which not surprisingly you also been very successful with.
    My only hope is that one day you will get the urge to whip up some more audio gems so I can sit back and get another dose of the goodness.

    Wherever your future leads I wish you and your family all the best and once again thanks for the memories

    Highest regards

    Stu Mullins

    p.s. I have a pretty wild clothing/art/collectibles shop called Disrupt where I print and sell my own t-shirts so if you have a P.O. Box I’ll send a few off to you.


  2. Hey Stu. I’m really touched by your comments! I must admit to a certain intentional distancing from my ‘shady past’ as a former recording artist. I burned out on music and just wanted to put it behind me. So a comment like yours stirs up old feelings of unfinished business. But at the same time it is of course very flattering and moving. I’m very happy with my new career and don’t foresee getting back into making music, you’ll be sorry to hear.

    I’ll send you a private email…I’m always up for a free T-shirt. 🙂

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