My New Site:

Just a quick post to mention my new website, Now that my fashion/commercial side is taking off, it seemed appropriate to create a new website aimed at a different set of clients. The new site has a similar look—note the similarlity of the two logos, and layouts. But is aimed at models, actors, musicians and other entertainment professionals, so that I can provide them portfolio and promotional images. With a pricing and product structure that is geared toward professionals, rather than family portraits. And most importantly, I want to serve Ventura and Santa Barbara counties with the same ‘big city’ quality, but with a ‘small town’ attention to service.

Sorry, that sounds so “mission statement”. Don’t know how else to say it though. Those who have worked with me know that making my clients happy is super important.

The blog will stay here, even though it has as much fashion content as it does family-portrait and general content. I don’t need two blogs!

So please feel free to hop on over and check it out. I’m sure it will evolve rapidly over the next few months.

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