Juliana and Taimur – Ojai Wedding at the Lavender Inn

Juliana and Taimur brought their families and closest friends from all over the world (literally!) to share their wedding at the Lavender Inn, in Ojai CA. It was relaxed and intimate, almost like a family picnic with really awesome food. Technical details at the end.

01-Juliana-Taimur 02-Juliana-Taimur 03-Juliana-Taimur 04-Juliana-Taimur 05-Juliana-Taimur 06-Juliana-Taimur 07-Juliana-Taimur 08-Juliana-Taimur 09-Juliana-Taimur 10-Juliana-Taimur 11-Juliana-Taimur

Juliana-Taimur-dip-01 12-Juliana-Taimur


13-Juliana-Taimur 14-Juliana-Taimur 15-Juliana-Taimur


Juliana-Taimur-dip-04 16-Juliana-Taimur 17-Juliana-Taimur 18-Juliana-Taimur

Juliana-Taimur-dip-05 Juliana-Taimur-dip-06 19-Juliana-Taimur

Juliana-Taimur-dip-07 20-Juliana-Taimur 21-Juliana-Taimur

Cameras: Mamiya 645AF (medium format) and two Nikon F100 35mm.

Film: Kodak Portra 400 (color) and Ilford XP2 (black and white).

Scanning: Fuji Frontier by LittleĀ Film Lab


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