Jessica & Josh Pt.2 – Lake Casitas Engagement Session

We shot Jessica and Josh’s second engagement session at Lake Casitas, which is near Ojai, CA. It’s a beautiful lake, with gorgeous hills in the background. There was even a bald eagle nest with baby chicks nearby (we could only see mama bird, but were told the chicks were there too). Note though that if you bring your fishing rod, you’d better have your fishing license handy!

Technical details at the end of the post.

01-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

02-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

03-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

04-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

05-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

06-Lake Casitas Engagement Session


Lake Casitas Engagement Session dip

07-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

08-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

09-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

10-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

11-Lake Casitas Engagement Session

Cameras: Mamiya 645AF and Nikon F100
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Scanned by Indie Film Lab on their Fuji Frontier scanner.

3 thoughts on “Jessica & Josh Pt.2 – Lake Casitas Engagement Session

  1. These are great! And such a different look to their first engagement session. It’s amazing the variety of different looks you can get, just varying things like the type of film used. BTW love that you use film! 🙂

  2. Great work Matt!

    Given that it was sunny, how did you manage to keep the shadows under control? Do you try to position your subjects in shady spots and/or shoot against the sun?

    Porta 400 is still my favorite film to shoot – thanks again for the continued inspiration.

  3. Thanks Ellie! You have it exactly right, I always position my subjects so their faces are in the shade (with the exception of that one where they’re lying down on the grass). If they’re in full sun, then I put their backs to the sun (like the ones by the lake with the fishing pole). Most of the other ones, I have their backs to the sun AND they’re in the shade. That way any dappled sunlight won’t fall on their faces accidentally. With film, I just expose for the shadows and let film’s wonderful latitude handle the highlights.

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