Jessica & Josh Pt. 1 – Fillmore Engagement Session

I photographed two separate engagement sessions for Jessica and Josh. This is the first one, and the second one will be posted in a few days.

Jessica and Josh both grew up in Fillmore, CA. They have since moved away, but wanted to have their engagement session where they grew up. So we headed for downtown Fillmore, which is famous for its vintage trains and train station, and lots of historic buildings.

Technical details at the end.


fillmore-engagement-dip-02 02-fillmore-engagement-session 03-fillmore-engagement-session

fillmore-engagement-dip-03 04-fillmore-engagement-session 05-fillmore-engagement-session 06-fillmore-engagement-session 07-fillmore-engagement-session 08-fillmore-engagement-session 09-fillmore-engagement-session 10-fillmore-engagement-session 11-fillmore-engagement-session

Cameras: Mamiya 645AF, Nikon F100 and Fujica GW690 (none of the GW690 images were featured here).
Film: Kodak Portra 800 (medium format) and Kodak Portra 400 (35mm)
Scanned on a Noritsu by Richard Photo Lab.


2 thoughts on “Jessica & Josh Pt. 1 – Fillmore Engagement Session

  1. Hi and thanks for your comment! I went back to the shoot files and realized that I didn’t actually include any of the GW690 images in the final blog selection. Sorry about that. I’ve updated the info to reflect that.

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