Why I’m Different


Am I the right photographer for you?

If you’re just starting your search for a wedding photographer, you probably only have a vague idea what you’re looking for. You need someone who is available on your wedding day of course, and someone who fits within your budget. Someone who can make beautiful images for your wedding day, sure. But what kind of beautiful images? And surely there’s more to this process?

So let’s break this down into two parts: the photo part and the non-photo part. Perhaps I’m exactly what you’re looking for! And if not, I hope I can at least help you define what you want with your wedding photography.

My Photography

Camarillo Wedding PhotographyWhile you and your fiancé are the stars of the show, there is a huge supporting cast involved in your wedding: your family and friends. My major priority when photographing your wedding is to capture the relationships between you, your family and friends, and document their love and support. I’m always on the look out for the hug, the laugh, the tears…the emotion. When you look back on your images ten years from now, these are the moments that will mean the most to you.

Unlike many other fine-art wedding photographers, I like to inject some reality and humor into my images. Your wedding photography can be beautiful and fun at the same time.

I shoot almost everything on film, because it captures an image in a way that digital cameras cannot yet match. And then I have a professional lab scan the images into digital form for easy editing and delivery. It’s funny, I used to spend hours and hours retouching images when I shot digitally. Now that I’ve gone back to film, I hardly ever need to retouch. Film just makes people look better right out of the camera!

I want to bring you warm, honest, organic images. If you’re looking for something more edgy and dark, or super posed, then I’m not the photographer for you. And I won’t throw on a bunch of special effects that will make your images look dated in just a few years.

The Intangibles

46310030-2Couples hire me for my photography. But they refer me to their friends because of the extraordinary service I provide. For example:

• I will spend more time than any of your other vendors thinking about and planning your wedding day (with the possible exception of your wedding planner).

• Whenever practical, I will visit your wedding venue so we can go over details. I love working at new venues, and touring the place beforehand makes your wedding day go more smoothly. But even if I’ve worked at a location before, I still want to visit it with you. Every wedding is different. And for weddings that aren’t local to me, I do extensive research online so I can be fully prepared.

• I consider your family group portraits a vital part of the day. Some photographers hand this task to their assistants, and most photographers dread these because the group portraits are not “creative.” I LOVE doing the family groups, because it’s a lot of fun and I get to meet everyone and have a good time. I’ve been told I’m quite entertaining too, but you’ll have to be the judge of that.

• When I’m photographing the ceremony, reception or the getting-ready phases of your day, you’ll barely notice I’m there. I let you get on with the business of getting married, while I stay out of the way and get some wonderful shots.

• What about portraits of the two of you? Many couples are concerned that they’ll look too posed and uncomfortable. Good news: I’m not a big fan of posing either. Instead, I’ll have you do things you’d do naturally (walk, hug, kiss etc), and I’ll capture some great moments while you two interact. If you need a little help, I’ll give you some little suggestions. Guys especially seem to appreciate this approach, because many guys really dislike the idea of being photographed. By the way, booking an engagement session with me as a ‘practice run’ can also help you two get over any concerns you might have about being photographed.

Need more convincing? Go check out my “Un-Testimonials” page to read spontaneous comments from past clients.

About Me.

That's me on the left, about to bust a move at a reception. (Note: dancing photographer not included with most wedding packages.)

That’s me on the left, about to bust a move at a reception. (Note: dancing photographer not included with most wedding packages.)

I started my photography career in 2007, and have been a full-time professional photographer since then. I initially started shooting portraits for families at my sons’ preschool, and expanded my portrait business to the point that I was voted “Best Photographer in Ventura County” four times in newspaper readers’ polls.

My portrait work with families and children has been great training for working with people in general. I’ve developed the skill of quickly making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. And I can quickly spot an emotional moment about to unfold, and catch it as it happens. These photographic and people skills gave me a big advantage for my wedding photography. And even though weddings have been the major part of my business for a number of years now, I still enjoy making family portraits, and appreciate the skill-set they help keep sharp.

From six-shooter to wedding shooter.

I’ve been published in C Magazine, as well as Brides California and Zooey magazines, and on wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Ruffled and Grey Likes Weddings. In early 2012 I won the prestigious “PDN International Top Knots” competition for one of my engagement photos.

I live in Ventura, California with my wife of thirteen years and two boys, two dogs, a cat, a hamster, and some tropical fish that I’d love to find a home for (just the fish, not the rest of them). Before I switched to photography, I was in the music business: I used to record ‘techno’ albums and make electronic music.* I play the drums for fun, I love books, and I make pancakes every Sunday morning for my family, unless I’m out of town for a wedding.

(*If you insist on hearing something from my past as a techno boy-wonder, here’s a link to a remix I did of Dean Martin song called “Sway”. It ended up in several film soundtracks and a Chrysler TV commercial.)