Albums & Prints

[Please note: couples with 2015 weddings and beyond have an album included in their wedding coverage. So much of this is no longer applicable. But I’m leaving the page up for 2014 couples if they need to refer to it.]

What about wedding albums and prints?

wedding albumsFour reasons you should consider a wedding album:

1. In the next ten years, what are the chances you’ll lose that disc? A wedding album has a permanence that a DVD will never have.

2. When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, computers will cease to function. Unlike digital files, wedding albums can be viewed by torchlight, or even around a bonfire. No electricity required.

3. You can of course take your digital files and have a book made from them. But the quality and durability of consumer-grade books does not compare to that of a professionally bound album.

4. Your wedding album will feature the best images from your wedding, put together in a way that tells the story of you and your families in a meaningful way. Your children and grandchildren will appreciate the story in your wedding album so much more than just a digital folder of images.

Wedding albums start at $800 for an 8×8″ 20-side album (leather bound and flush-mount). I design my albums in a simple and classic style, so that they look fresh twenty years from now. And I avoid cheesy effects that will look dated before your first anniversary.

The design and production of your album will usually take six to eight weeks, so please plan ahead if you need your album by a certain date.

Can you order prints directly through me?

Prints can be ordered online through your image gallery, or directly through me. You can also make prints yourself from the digital files. However all prints ordered through me get the benefit of tasteful adjustment and retouching, which can make a huge difference in the final look of the image.