Camarillo Wedding PhotographyMany photographers ask their past clients for testimonials. You know, those little blurbs about how wonderful the photographer is etc etc. They’re probably honest but they sound a little stilted. So here instead I present some “un-testimonials”: spontaneous comments clients have said to me in email, often even before they’ve seen their images.

“Thank you so much for being our photographer!! It was also good to meet you after all of our electronic communication – and I feel this myself but have heard from many of our guests how incredibly kind, non-intrusive, and attentive to detail you were! Thank you!!”

“Matt the images are beautiful!!! Thank you so much! I am so happy with how they turned out!”
—Sarah C.

“These are incredible… I really am at a loss for words. Thank you so much Matt!”

“Oh, Matt!! We love it!! You got so many great candid shots!!! “
—Sarah M.

“Matt, thank you for making our special day even greater!”

I swear I don’t know a thing about photography but your photos…all of them…are amazing. You can SEE the emotion. I don’t know if that makes any sense but that’s the best I can explain it. You are good at what you do.
—Margaret S.

[Below: Jennifer contacted me but decided to go with another photographer for budgetary reasons. She later realized this was a mistake, and contacted me to see if I was still available for her wedding Sadly, I wasn’t. I did however refer her to someone she was was very happy with.]

“I was telling my fiance just now about how great you’ve been throughout this process. I regret the fact that we didn’t jump on snagging you for our photography when we had the chance. I should’ve listened to my gut, but lesson learned! You’re a true professional and such a nice guy! If I can leave a review on yelp or anywhere that would help you to grow your business, I would be happy to! All the best to you!”

“Hi Matt;
Wow beautiful! Thanks so much for this! Love it!!! Knew we were hiring the right man for the job. Can’t say enough good things about you!”

Chloe, before seeing the photos:
“We were thrilled to have you as our photographer, you were awesome. We cannot wait to see the photos!”
After seeing the photos:
“Thank you, Matt! These are wonderful. Just took a quick look (I’m supposed to be working, after all) and already I was crying and laughing. So glad you appreciate hilarious pictures of babies as much as we do.”

“Thank you for everything yesterday, you were so great to work with. Your calm demeanor and professionalism helped make it the wedding of my dreams! Can’t wait to see the pics.”

“Thank you! The photos are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all you did!”