Got Questions?


Let’s do things differently.

Manhattan WeddingI do things differently, because I prefer a friendlier way of doing business. Wedding photographers seem to be stuck in 1976 when it comes to the way they treat their clients. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time re-examining the so-called “standard way of doing things,” and it turns out there is a better way.

My all-inclusive wedding packages include the following unique elements:

I don’t charge by the hour. Yes you read that correctly. This early in your wedding planning, do you know exactly how many hours of photography coverage you need? I don’t want you stressing over whether you’ve got too little or too much. So I don’t charge by the hour. I’m there to capture the events of your wedding day, without you having to constantly check your watch. For full details, contact me and I’ll send you some information.

You get both the digital files and a wedding album. Some photographers charge just to show up, and then charge you again for getting a hold of your images. That doesn’t sound very cool to me. So with each package, you get both the digital files and a wedding album.

I shoot with film. Why? Because it just looks better. I shot for years with digital cameras but have gone back to film for the quality. Your wedding deserves it.

Am I a good fit for your wedding?

Yes, if the most important part of your wedding is the love you share with your family and friends. If you want that captured with art and grace, then I’m the photographer for you. I prefer the simple things: authentic images that capture the love and emotion at your wedding. I don’t use filters and effects that are going to look dated a year from now.

How do you book me?

First we have a meeting. We’ll talk about your wedding day and the events you have planned, and of course look at images and albums.

When you’re ready to book, a $500 retainer and signed agreement locks me in for your wedding date. 50% of the balance is due six months before your wedding, and the remaining balance is due one month before your wedding. (This is slightly different if your wedding is less than six months away.)

Los Angeles Wedding PhotographyBut what if we’re not local?

That’s ok! Lots of couples book me without having met with me in person. We’ll have extensive meetings on the phone, and we can also chat using FaceTime or Skype if you’d like. Also I can give you names of couples who would be glad to talk to you and give references.