Kristen and Trevor – Dana Point Wedding Photography

Kristen and Trevor got married just after Christmas. Their wedding ceremony was at St. Edward the Confessor Church, and the reception was at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott. A late December wedding runs the risk of ‘weather’ in California – and by weather I mean a little rain! But we were fortunate to have a warm, sunny day.

It had been about nine months since I photographed their engagement session, but it was like we had seen each other last week…Trevor and Kristen are so warm and friendly, it’s not hard to feel welcome in their presence. And Kristen is the most calm and punctual bride I’ve seen in a long time! I believe she was ready for their first look four minutes ahead of schedule. Amazing!

Vendor details and technical info at the end…

Kristen and Trevor decided to have a ‘first look’ before their ceremony, since there would be very little daylight afterward for photos. The best spot to do this however required Kristen to walk past Trevor – with his eyes closed! – and then come from the other direction. He swears he didn’t peek.

Trevor swears he wasn’t crying. It was just a bug in his eye. Or the wind. Or something. 😉

Kristen finally feels the pre-wedding jitters.

The new father- and son-in-laws.

It might have been their singing that made the bridesmaids cry.

Vendor details:

Ceremony Venue: St Edward the Confessor Catholic Church
Reception Venue: Laguna Cliffs Marriott
Wedding Cake: It’s All About the Cake
Wedding Dress: Pronovias Barcelona
Jewelry: Family heirlooms, and Tejani
Florist: Alyssa’s Flowers
Second Photographer: Brandon Wright

Technical details: I shot with two Nikon F100s, with 35mm, 50mm and 85mm prime lenses, and also a 70-200mm VRII zoom. My Mamiya 645AF used both an 80mm f/2.8 and a 55mm f/28 lens. On- and off-camera flash consisted of a fleet of Nikon SB-28s. I used Kodak Portra 400 film for color through the ceremony, and then used CineStill 800T film for the reception. For black and white I used Ilford XP2 while they got ready, and then Kodak Tri-X (pushed two stops) during the ceremony and reception.

8 thoughts on “Kristen and Trevor – Dana Point Wedding Photography

  1. Holy crap, this is outstanding! I love the drama of the black and white church photo. So timeless. Great work!

  2. Thanks for your comment Viktor! Most of the film was scanned on a Fuji Frontier, but I don’t know the model number of the one the lab uses. Some of the 35mm was scanned on a Kodak/Pakon F135 Plus (I do some of the scanning myself).

  3. Hi Matt, Awesome work! Really amazing! I shoot Portra 400 and Cinestill as well in my Nikon F5…and when it all works, it’s beautiful. The trouble is I’m having difficulty getting consistently high quality images from the scans from the lab…sometimes even on the same roll…when all the shots are exposed the same. ( I overexpose Portra by 1 to 1.5 stops….Cinestill rated at 800 indoors/night with tungsten light) So, I’m considering buying a Pakon so I can scan in-house. How disk you expose the Cinestill here and did you scan those on the Pakon? Thanks so much in advance…any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. It definitely looks like you have mastered it!

  4. Hi Scott, and thanks for your kind words! As for your inconsistent scans, I highly recommend talking to your lab about it! They can’t fix what they don’t know about. And if it’s actually an exposure issue or something like that, a good lab will be able to tell you how to fix that on your end as well. As for this wedding, I had the CineStill and black and white scanned by the lab, and I scanned the Portra 400 (35mm) on the Pakon myself. I had to work harder to get it to match the 120 Portra though which the lab also scanned, so I should have done it differently. All came out nicely in the end though, just ended up being a little more work.

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