Last week I did a portfolio shoot with a model named Kerry. We shot at Gardens of the World, a place I had shot before for the first time a couple of weeks prior to this. Kerry is also an actress, and loved the idea of constructing a ‘story’ for the shoot. It helped that she had an interesting wardrobe too…not one, but three Elizabethan dresses. And her own portable witch’s cauldron. Must be the years of theater…. One of the ideas we had was for a ‘doppelganger‘ shot. Good Sister/Bad Sister. The result is the lead shot above, with two versions of her combined to tell a little story.

Lighting for the above consisted of my Norman 200B in a 45″ shoot through umbrella, camera left. And a Sunpak 333 in a snoot as a hair light, hidden just behind the pillar at extreme camera right. The ‘evil’ version of Kerry was lit only by sunlight.

And then we took some more normal modern-day shots…

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Below we have Kerry pretending to drink and have fun (hopefully not pretending to have fun). Same lighting as above, but with the Sunpak geled ‘pale amber gold’. Lighting on this one is pretty subtle. I like how we can see her smile through the glass.

With a little Lightroom and Photoshop treatment, this image below turned into a faux moonlight shot.

Hairlight very apparent here. The pose and the lighting seem very retro to me, so I amped the contrast and fiddled with the saturation, to give it colorized movie poster look.

Below, a pensive moment. How about those eyes, guys? Like powerful blue magnets!

And finally, a ‘solo’ shot of the princess, perhaps on the look out for her evil twin. Or her prince charming. Or just wondering why people are staring at her. It was great working with someone with acting skills. I hardly had to give any direction at all. Kerry just knew what to do, and when I did tell her to do something, she was already starting to do it when I got the words out. Thanks!

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