Twins – Ventura Portrait Photography

Most of my year is spent shooting family portraits and weddings, almost entirely on film. But for a month in the fall I also shoot preschool portraits. Over 300 children total, for three different preschools. It’s incredibly hard work, but is so much fun. And talk about keeping the skills sharp: if you can make a crying two year old smile and have fun in front of the camera, you’re on top of your game.

I shoot the preschool portraits digitally for speed and cost reasons, and get a chance to bust out my portrait lighting. I first got started in my photographic career by shooting the portraits at my son’s preschool (back in the day), so I like to think I’m getting back to my roots.

Normally I don’t share these, but these twins are beyond adorable. And I’ve gotten permission from the parents, so now you can enjoy too!

Technical notes: Fuji X100 camera, Alien Bees 1600 strobe through a shoot-through umbrella, camera left. Alien Bees 800 with a silver reflective umbrella, camera right. Nikon SB-28 as hair light, camera right to the rear. They’re under a pop-up tent, with a white diffuser on camera-right to keep the direct sun off (and provide some additional soft fill). CyberSync radio triggers for the strobes. And stickers for the kids afterward, to make them happy.


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