New Family

Last weekend I had a great portrait session with a young family. They have a six month old son, who as you can see is just about as cute as babies get. A real trooper too, because it got a little chilly. He kept smiling until the sun went down, and only started crying when we were done.

I’ll let the images do the talking…

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2 thoughts on “New Family

  1. Thank you so much for th epictures- soooo adorable! Ryan you look so grown up-I know you are…but it is hard having known you from so young to see you now! The baby is prescious and I just love the “Together ” photos” which I know you will treasure for years to come….

    Have wonderful Holidays and give our love to the rest of the family….
    I am horrible at letters and mail – so I apologize for such long delays- doesn;t mean we don;t haold you all in our hearts…


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