Gardens of the World

Last week I took the portraits for a family at Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks, CA. This was the first time I shot at this small formal garden, which is owned privately but open to the public. They allow portrait photography there with a reservation, and apparently it’s pretty popular.  And what a wonderful family to work with! Everyone was so sweet…one of the girls said to me “when we’re done I’m going to give you a hug.” And the little boy insisted on holding my hand back to the parking lot when we were done. It’s those little things that stick in my mind for a long time.

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I love these two images of the girls (above and below). They look like Renaissance paintings of the saints! ‘Angelic’ would be an appropriate word.

Mind you, just because they were sweet and beautiful children, didn’t mean they weren’t little fireballs as well. This guy especially…he’d sit nicely for one shot, and then with an impish grin would bolt as far as he could. And when I started taking pictures of the girls again, he’d sneak up on me and throw his arms around my neck. Cute

A pensive moment between sisters.

The three of them in a gateway to a mission-like courtyard.

And mom joined us for a few shots too. Thanks for a wonderful, touching experience, and a great work out too! 🙂

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