Well that was embarrassing.

I was in the middle of revising my website yesterday, and I went to check the latest revision I’d made. Suddenly,  was seeing a generic “this domain registration has expired” page. What?? How could my domain name registration have expired?

Apparently both my safeguards had failed. I put the renewal dates of my domain registrations in my calendar. But I switched calendar software a few months ago, and had to enter everything manually. Apparently I’d missed one! Fortunately, the registrar always sends me tons of emails to remind me. And then send them to a special email address I’ve set up for that purpose. But wait…the forwarding system on my domain had gotten reconfigured a few months ago, and this special email was now being dumped into oblivion. Without my knowledge. So much for those warning emails!

I’ve owned domain names for probably eight years, and have had at least 15 of them over that time. I’ve never had this happen. And so of course it happens on the most important domain name of all, my business one.


So if you experienced some email or website issues, that’s why. 50% bad luck, 50% idiocy. But it’s back!

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