Why Film? (Part 2)

So why do most photographers avoid using film? In a word: laziness. Yeah you heard me. I’m calling out all digital photographers! They’re lazy. Film is hard work. It takes more effort, it takes a huge amount of skill and practice, and quite frankly most wedding photographers these days don’t work very hard at what they do. I refuse to have my work look like everyone else, and your wedding should benefit from my hard work.

But how does this “film” thing work for your wedding anyway? I get asked that a lot. This isn’t the 1980s: there are no darkrooms or print enlargers involved. My film is developed by a professional lab, and then each image is scanned with a high resolution professional scanner. I get digital files back from the lab, just like I would have if I had used a digital camera.

The important difference is in the capture of the image. Digital is great for editing and moving stuff around. But taking the actual image on film gives it a whole new look. A beautiful, soft-yet-sharp look right out of the camera. You’ll look beautiful without all that fake retouching you see from digital photographers. Yes I can retouch an image if necessary, but I find I have to retouch far less often when I shoot with film.

This means you can still get digital files of your wedding. I edit, sort, design albums and make prints the same way everyone else does. I just have the built-in advantage of film. That’s why your wedding images will look a little different than everyone else, and just that much more beautiful.

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