Merry Christmas!

The Haines family hopes all your Christmas dreams come true!

Technical details:

At the time this was shot, my parents were visiting and we didn’t have a spare bedroom in the house. The shoot needed to be quick, so I (gasp!) shot this digitally rather than on film. I used my Fuji S5 Pro dSLR. The boys are actually just lying on the ground, on a white sheet and pillow. Red T-shirts, the red hats and a piece of red fleece material I bought from the fabric store complete the image. I placed a ladder over them and shot from directly above. Lighting is a single Alien Bees B1600, pointed at the ceiling and placed above their heads (from the camera’s POV). This gives the soft “butterfly” lighting you see here. I just ‘chimped’ the viewfinder until it all looked good.

I shot the toy images as well, using a homemade sweep that I use for ebay photos. The light was on-camera flash, bounced on the ceiling above and a little forward of the items, and adjusted manually until it looked right.

That’s a lot of blah-blah for a Christmas photo.

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