Family Portraits at Peter Strauss Ranch (Agoura, CA)

Fall comes late in southern California. But one of the best places to enjoy a November leaf-turning is at Peter Strauss Ranch, in Agoura, CA. This family of five (twin 6-month olds and a two year old) came out with me to have their family portraits made. Look at that color! And there’s no way a digital camera could have made such beautiful images. Film shines again.

I got so many fun and amusing expressions from the twins doing some tummy time, it was hard to pick just one.

This little guy was such a charmer. When he would stand still, that is.

I just happened to have a basket and some burlap with me. 🙂 You never know when you might come across some babies in the forest.

Technical details:

Mamiya 645AF for most of the shots, and a Nikon F100 to catch the two year old as he bounced around the park. Kodak Portra 400 throughout.

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One thought on “Family Portraits at Peter Strauss Ranch (Agoura, CA)

  1. What a great family photo shoot! I love the shots of the twins and their adorable little boy the most. You have an eye for catching those little moments in between poses and the result came out great!

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