Jenna and Jason’s Wedding (Camarillo, CA)

Jenna and Jason were married a few weeks ago at the Las Posas Country Club, in Camarillo CA.

Even though we had to dodge a few golf carts with the tournament going on at the same time, there were some stunning backdrops at this country club for wedding portraits.

The guys have a different style of getting ready.

Jenna and Jason’s “first look”…

The ceremony.

Happy dad!

The wedding party brought the ‘cocktail hour’ with them during photos.

What a gorgeous cake!

The first dances…

The mother of the bride bustles Jenna’s dress during the father-daughter dance.

Moves like Jagger.

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Flowers by Linda Carson at Glow Floral
Hair: Jeff Carson at Salon HG
Make-up: Erin Prater at Dwell
Cake: Cleta Rose
Dress Shop: Camarillo Bridal
Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Second Photographer: Desirée Durang

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Technical details: Film was Kodak Portra 400 for the first part of the day, and a mix of Portra and Kodak Vision3 500T movie film for the reception.  I shot with two Nikon F100s and a Mamiya 645AF, and Desiree shot with a Canon something-or-other.

5 thoughts on “Jenna and Jason’s Wedding (Camarillo, CA)

  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! You both look soo happy… I was glad to be apart of your big day!!!

    My little Jenna!

    Love you!

  2. great photos…
    i do have a question concerning the Kodak 500t at the reception.
    Did you use with a flash as well or/and did you use a filter.
    I am trying to get more into film photography and if you would not mind answering, i would really appreciate it. Thank you
    ps : i have a Nikon F5 et N90s

  3. Hi Christopher. I did use a flash in all the reception photos, because it was otherwise too dark even for shooting 500T at ISO 1000. One camera triggered two off-camera flashes in the corners of the room. Another was on-camera and just bounced off the ceiling or walls. the Because the film is a tungsten film, I gelled the flashes on poles, since their light was directly hitting the subjects and would have been too ‘blue’ for the film. For the bounce flash, I just put a 1/2 strength gel on it, since it was bouncing off warm-colored walls.

    Hope that helps!

  4. yes, thank you so much for taking the time to answer me..
    ps: i did past most of my afternoon today reading your blogs..
    thanks again 🙂

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