That Dreaded First Entry

I’ve been putting off writing a blog, for several reasons. But I’ve finally decided it was time.

Why dread it? Well…first off, I’ve done it before. My first blog was Turns out that I wasn’t the angry young man I thought I was. Not quite as angry, and certainly not as young as I thought I was. It soon ran out of steam.

But also, blogs are soooooooo trendy. Boringly so. “Oh, if you’ve got a business, you simply MUST have a blog! Your sales will go through the roof!”

Seems unlikely somehow.

And finally, how to balance writing about what my clients want to read about, vs. what my friends and fellow photographers would like to read. Great portraits vs. nerdy camera-gear talk.

But my portrait photography business is growing and growing. And I do realize that clients want to know who their photographer is. They want to get a sense of who they’ll be working with. Portrait photography can be a big investment, and one wants to pick the right photographer.

Will this blog solve that problem? Of course!

Er…ok, no. But it’s got to help, surely. If I seem like a nice guy on paper, so to speak, I might be a nice guy in person. Worth meeting for coffee, anyway, to discuss a future portrait session.

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