Four Girls at Home

Last week was a busy week! Three shoots in three days, and I also taught a lighting seminar. I’ve been working nonstop to get everyone’s images ready, and then it’s back to more shoots starting tomorrow. It is that time of year after all, and it’s exhausting…but a lot of fun. Last Thursday I had the distinct pleasure of photographing four very charming little girls (and their mother) in their backyard.

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And what a beautiful backyard! Mom had just given birth three weeks ago, and didn’t want to take her new baby to the beach. The baby slept peacefully throughout the entire session—and of course woke up as I was leaving!

For the picture above, I set the girls in front of an outdoor fireplace. The entire area was in shade as it was late in the day. I used my Norman 200B in a 53″ shoot-through umbrella, which lit the whole scene nicely. I had to watch for reflections in the stainless steel fireplace, which was easily solved by moving the light and camera position a little.

I then posed the eight year old and twin three year olds in the middle of the lawn, on a cute chair. Typically on grass one has to watch for a green tint to shadows on skin and clothing. However the light beige acted somewhat as a natural reflector for the light, filling in the shadows and removing any green cast. I placed the Norman and the umbrella to camera right. The hair light is a Sunpak 333 with a ‘pale amber gold’ gel on it, to simulate sunlight. I also made sure to properly expose for some detail in the background.

The oldest daughter insisted we take some pictures with mom in them. Mom was a little reluctant to be photographed, having given birth recently. But I’m glad we did! Such a wonderful, charming family.

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