Ashley (one roll shoot)

I’ve started a series of “one roll shoots”. I’ve done a little fashion photography here and there, and it’s always a big production: hair and makeup, wardrobe stylist, studio or on-location lighting, props etc. What a hassle! So I thought: why not do something very simple instead? The model does her own hair and makeup, wears her own clothing, and we just go and shoot. I bring one roll of black and white film, and we make it happen. It’s a challenge for me, because I have to a) build rapport with the model in a very short time, and b) I only have 36 chances to get it right. No firing off frames like a machine gun!

As of this writing I’ve done two of these shoots so far, with another one planned. Here are some images from the first one, with Ashley. These were shot in old town Moorpark, CA. Special thanks to Michel at The Secret Garden Restaurant…we paused to shoot outside his restaurant, and he saw us and invited us in. The restaurant was closed, and so we had the run of the ‘secret garden’ in back. Very generous of him!

Technical details: Nikon F100, Fuji Acros black and white film.

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