Sarah and John’s Wedding (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

Sarah and John at the San Juan Capistrano Mission.

Pre-wedding jitters.
Bridesmaids get ready at the Montage Resort, Laguna Beach CA.

The Villa at San Juan Capistrano.

Every detail was covered. There were even activity bags for the kids!

I didn’t figure these two for a “cake battle”.

Am I The Right Wedding Photographer For You?

You might recall this wedding was featured on Grey Likes Weddings a couple of months back. Well I’ve finally found the time to get this up on my own blog. This wedding was a big production, but Sarah and John kept their cool the entire time. From the rehearsal dinner the night before (which I shot), through the end of the reception, they both were relaxed and just full of joy. What a great weekend!


Venue: The Villa at San Juan Capistrano
Styling: Sarah with Lemons and Vinegar
Wedding Planner: Bre Nelson with Joyful Weddings and Events
Stationery: Kiwi Cards
Catering: Iva Lee’s
Florist: Nancy Thompson
Cake: It’s All About the Cake
Hair and Makeup: 1011 Makeup
Violinist: Angelica Strings
Assistant Photographer: Brandon Wright

Technical details:
All color film was Kodak Portra 400, and black and white was primarily Ilford XP2.
I shot with two Nikon F100s, a Mamiya 645AF and a Voigtlander Bessa-R rangefinder.
Brandon shot with a Mamiya C330, Nikon FE2 and an Aires rangefinder.


7 thoughts on “Sarah and John’s Wedding (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

  1. Thank you so much Matt for capturing so many special moments from our wedding! All the pictures are so stunningly beautiful and we were overjoyed by all the images. Thank you!!

  2. Well done as usual Matt.

    I have a question about your lighting indoors. Is it multiple manual stationary sources?

  3. Thanks Elie! If you’re talking about getting-ready shots in a hotel room, that’s usually either natural light or on-camera flash bounced off the walls. There is rarely room for a lightstand in a hotel room with bridesmaids! If you mean at receptions, often I’ll set up two manual strobes on poles in opposite corners of the room, and they are hooked up to radio triggers. I will also have a TTL strobe on-camera, either bounced off the ceiling (if indoors) or direct if outdoors. This is usually set to -1 or -2, and is for fill. I keep aware of the manual strobes and keep one over my shoulder. I just meter for the middle of the dancefloor, and since it’s film I don’t worry if it’s a stop or so over closer to the lights.

  4. Excellent, that is what I thought – indeed I was asking about the reception. This used to be my setup with two manuals on opposite stands and on camera TTL. Your tip about keeping one over your shoulder is very helpful. You are a load of help always Matt and your clients are very lucky to have found you!

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