Film! Square! Medium!

It’s been awhile since I developed my own black and white film in the laundry room. I used to do it a lot more when photography was just a hobby (albeit all-consuming). But since I’ve been a professional portrait photographer, well…the fun little things like film development just fall by the wayside. I’ll usually shoot a little color film on a client shoot, but it gets developed by the lab. So I finally got around to developing some rolls I’ve had sitting for a few months.

It’s not the developing of the film that takes up so much time.

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It’s the scanning! I find film scanning soooooo tedious. When I get film developed at the lab, I get them to scan it too. Costs way more than I feel it ought, but it sure is convenient. No such convenience with my home-dev’ed film though.

So I present to you a few snapshots etc, done on a couple of different cameras. Both are medium format film, and both shoot in a square image format. This post is all about shooting for fun!

Most of these images are from my Ricoh ‘Super Ricohflex’, which is ‘twin lens reflex’ camera. Basically, you look down into the top of the camera, which, using a mirror, shows you the image through the ‘viewing’ lens. The actual image is taken through another lens (the ‘taking’ lens), directly below the viewing lens. Most of these cameras have a square picture format, and most of them take 120 style film (Not available at the local drug store, but still available for professional use).

The trees above were taken using the Super Ricohflex. This shot was at the Camino Real Park in Ventura, CA. The image was in black and white, but I’ve ‘duotoned’ the image, making the highlights greenish and the shadows brownish.

My Wife.

My Wife.

My wife, reading the paper at the kitchen table. I think I bounced a strobe off the ceiling to light this one, but it’s been ages since I took these. June I think!

Eldest Son

Eldest Son

This was from a camping trip to Pismo Beach in June. I like the diagonals of the pier railings, and how the line of the surf in the distance completes the zig zag. I can only claim to have planned the railing zig zags! My oldest son used to pose graciously for pictures all the time, but I guess he’s had enough of dad and his camera. So moments like this are hard-fought!



This image is a little large for the screen, but it has to be since there’s three of them. A series of shots of my youngest son, enjoying the backyard sprinklers. He really loves water: he’s a little fish! These shots were taken on my newly acquired Bronica-S, mentioned here.

In the professional spirit of “shoot lots, show few”, that’s all I have for this post right now. I did happen to take another twin-lens reflex camera out today to the park with my family, my Yashica-Mat. But since it was black and white film again, it will no doubt be months before I develop the film. Stay tuned…

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