Six at Sunset

Sunset is one of those mysterious things in life. It happens every day, and yet—when the sky is clear—it’s magical every time.

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During the middle of the day, it seems like the sun is motionless in the sky. Yet at sunset, you see how fast the earth is really moving. You have mere seconds to capture the sun as it dips below the horizon. In the above shot I was lucky enough to get just a sliver of sun, while the little girl and her doll run in the edge of the surf. It’s these little timeless moments that keep me doing what I’m doing.

Some families are easier to shoot than others. This family…well it doesn’t get much easier than this! If anything, I have too many good shots to choose from!

And we photographers tend to like the moody, evocative shots. Even this though this young boy was smiling just about 90% of the time at the beach, I really like the intensity of his stare in this shot. Those eyes!

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