Shoot IQ: Learn to Think Like a Photographer

I’m writing a book. But I’m doing it “in public”. I’m doing it piecemeal in the form of a blog, which will slowly morph and develop until it’s ready. Meanwhile, readers will have all the benefit of the information, without it costing a dime. What’s the blog about?

Learning to THINK like a photographer.

The blog is called Shoot IQ.

There are lots of books and websites out there that will tell you how to use camera equipment, lighting, Photoshop etc. Even plenty of books on marketing and operating your photography business. But very few of them actually teach the mental skills necessary to be a great photographer. For example:

• What do you look for when scouting a location?
• How do you practice composition? What makes a nicely composed image?
• How do you position your business so that you stand out?
• How do you get started and rise above it all?

So if you’re a photographer, or would like to be, please check out my new site. There are some useful posts on there already, with tons more to come. Thanks!

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