PDN Top Knots 2012 Winner!

(The cover)

I’ve been reading PDN magazine for years. It’s the magazine for commercial and professional photographers. One of my career goals has been to one day get an image in PDN. So when I received notice a few months ago that my engagement photo “White Dog” had been selected as a winner in the 2012 “Top Knots” international wedding photography competition, I was…in disbelief. I thought it was some sort of automated email sent to all the entrants. But over the space of a half hour or so, I realized it actually said “winner”. I still didn’t completely believe it until today, when I first saw the image in their digital edition (print version on the newsstands in a few weeks). Wow! What an amazing honor! My image is below. More story after the break.

This image was sort of an entry “afterthought”. I had entered two others, and then later decided “hey why not send them something quirky as well”. Good thing I did!

This image was shot using Fujifilm instant film (like Polaroid film), with my Mamiya RB67 camera. But instead of using the proper image, I scanned the throwaway scrap “negative” paper. With some tweaking to get it looking right, the image takes on a lo-fi antique look. You can get a better look at this image here (scroll down to the last image).

Cover image © Max Wanger. Other engagement photo images © Miho Aikawa.

Santa Barbara wedding photographer, Ventura portrait photographer, Los Angeles kids photographer…that’s me!


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  1. Thanks Tristan! And I see you’re in there too! Congrats as well, and awesome work you’re doing.

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