Quick Links: Other Photographers

A short list of other photographers you should check out.

Apertura: These two guys really know how to nail a wedding. I’ve never met them, but they’re in the LA area, and their images just rock. If I were getting married all over again, I’d hire them in a flash. (Har har, photo pun there.)

I’m a member and on the board of directors of the Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association (CIPPA). We have some really great members. If you’re looking for a great studio portrait, check out Tony Maddox (Simi Valley). And two wonderful wedding shooters: CIPPA president Leanne Reis, and CIPPA director Linda Jordan.

Also, soon-to-be CIPPA member Jennifer Wilson is an excellent ‘lifestyle’ children’s photographer. She just gave a seminar at the last CIPPA meeting, and she had some really great ideas. Very different style and product line-up from what I offer (otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned her!). Beautiful images, and she’s goofy. Just like me.

(I mean that in a good way, Jen.)

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