Three Generations (Portrait Photography in Ventura, CA)

Ventura, California family portrait photography by Matt Haines. Story follows images…

This wonderful family invited me out to their house on the beach to take some fun and informal family portraits. What a kind and generous group of people they were! We got to play in the sun and the sand, laugh and have a blast. One of the reasons I love my job so much!

Technical details:

The black and white images were shot using Kodak Tmax 400 black and white film, on my Koni Omega Rapid. It’s a weird and wonderful 6×7 rangefinder camera. Ugliest camera I own (which is saying something!), but it makes gorgeous images.

The color images were shot using a Bronica ETR-s with 75mm f/2.8 lens, which was chosen for its leaf shutter and high flash-sync speeds (up to 1/500). The last image above uses two SB-28 strobes to light the subjects. It was windy, so I just used the strobes without any umbrellas or other modifiers. The rest of the images were shot using available light. Film stock for this was Kodak Portra 160.

Family Portrait and Wedding Photography by Matt Haines, based in Ventura, California.

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