Denali National Park, Alaska


My family and I recently went to Alaska. We go every couple of years to visit family, and sometimes we take a side trip as well. This time we spent a week in Denali National Park as our ‘side trip’.

As you can imagine, I blew through quite a few rolls of film while I was there! I just brought one camera – my Mamiya 645AF. And two lenses, the 55mm and the 80mm. And lots of film.

These images were from our first full day at Denali. We never did see Mt. McKinley, except for a few seconds on our train trip up to the park. We had mostly gray skies, with occasional rain. All very typical of an Alaska summer. It was definitely “close ups and details” weather…i.e. shoot the details because the sky looks too horrible for landscape shots.

Above is a shot of Horseshoe Lake, which is close to the entrance of the park. We happened to see a momma moose and her baby wading through the lake. I did go running toward the moose when I first spotted it, in hopes of getting a good picture. And then turned right back around when I saw the baby. Don’t ever get between a baby moose and its momma.

Above, a weird virus that infects the trees and makes them bulge. And the family, on moose patrol.

I said to Dianne, “look over there and pretend you saw a bear.” Apparently she loves bear, because she looks happy. Finn is doing a better job of pretending to see a bear, without needing any coaching.

By the end of the trip, we had nicknamed Finn “Bear Snack” for his tendency to fall behind the group on hikes. Once he realized what we meant, he stayed right with the group!

Beavers! Well, evidence of them anyway. We saw dams, lodges and felled trees, but no actual critters.

The image above on the left is my life in about seven years’ time, but those will be cellphones instead of compasses.

After a quick lunch, we hopped on the park bus and headed into the park. First stop, and a rather dramatic one, is the Savage River.

I love those orange lichens on the rock! As for the black and white image, this isn’t one of those cases where I attempted to save a bad color image by converting it. When I shot this I said to myself, man I wish I’d brought some black and white film, just for this shot. One of the rare instances that I was able to shoot mentally for black and white, with color in the camera.

More from Alaska soon, in small portions. No one wants to sit through too many vacation slides all at once!





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  1. I would really love to go a park like this. I’m glad you have brought your family with you, you have bonded with your family anf you have taken some photos to share in this amazing blog of yours! 😀

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