Portrait Session at Mandalay Dunes

In southern California, one tends to take nice weather for granted. Although usually it’s of the clear-blue-sky variety, with no clouds to be found anywhere. Lately though we’ve had anything but the standard sunny sunset. So we were very lucky for this family portrait session, as coincidence had us schedule it between two sets of storms that blew through in the days preceding and following. And bonus! We had clouds! Just the right amount to make for an interesting sky. It was pretty windy, and the surf was sending up large blobs of sea foam onto the beach. The kids loved it, and it made for a unique backdrop.

Shot entirely on film, using a mix of new Kodak Portra 400, Ektar 100 and possibly Portra 160 NC. All but the first image were shot on 35mm, either my Nikon F5 or N90s. The first image is medium format, from my Mamiya RB67.




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