Wedding Photography of Your Rehearsal Dinner?

One of the services I include – FREE – with every wedding package is photographic coverage of your rehearsal or rehearsal dinner.

You probably never thought of that, did you? Most photographers don’t even offer it as an add-on, much less include it with the package. And yet this is a very special and emotional time, on par with the wedding itself. But the difference is that it isn’t quite such a blur of activity like your wedding day, and it’s also usually hosted by the groom’s parents. And while you may not have thought of it beforehand, you’ll probably think back to your rehearsal dinner later on and wish you had good images from the day.

As a photographer, it also makes it easier for me to do a great job. I get to see the site beforehand (if I haven’t already), and I also get to familiarize myself with the details of the ceremony. So for your big day, there will be no surprises getting in the way of exceptional wedding photography. It’s also a way for the wedding party to become familiar with me, so I don’t seem like a stranger the next day.

Yes this does cost me extra, in both time and money (for film, processing, scanning etc). But it’s worth it to me, both for the practical and emotional reasons.

I stay for one to two hours, depending on what makes sense for the evening. I don’t bring an assistant with me, and I make a graceful early exit so that the participants can continue to party without the photographer hanging around too long. Also, this coverage is optional: you don’t HAVE to get rehearsal coverage if you don’t want it. For example if this would require extra travel that you don’t want to pay for.

I’m proud to offer this unusual, but very useful, wedding photography service to my clients. It’s one of the four features that separate me from other wedding photographers (risk-free engagement sessions being another that I’ve already discussed). I’ll talk about what those other two features are in upcoming blog posts.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Photography of Your Rehearsal Dinner?

  1. This is a great idea! People always just get photographs of the day itself but its a big process and this is one of the steps towards the day, as you say, people will look back afterwards and be glad they have captured that too!

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