Barber Shop


This is Luis. I was wandering around downtown Ventura the other day, and saw this barber shop in the Mitchell Block historical area. I took the first shot, and then stood there for a minute or two, seeing if there were other angles I could use. Up walked Luis, who had come for haircut. Problem was, it was 9am and the shop wasn’t open yet. Luis assumed I was there for a haircut too, and we started chatting.

Turns out Luis has some severe health issues, and felt he didn’t have much time left on this planet. I thought I should ask him if I could take his picture. He obliged.

Shot on my Koni Omega Rapid, a 6×7 medium format rangefinder. 90mm f/3.5 Hexanon lens, which is incredibly sharp. I’ve only run a few test rolls through this camera so far, but it will probably turn into one of my mains portrait cameras. It has a leaf shutter to sync the flash at all speeds, which is helpful in bright sun. And huge negatives, to make really big, detailed prints. And it’s less cumbersome and heavy than my RB67, the only other camera I have that will shoot 6×7. Yay! Fuji Pro 400H film, exposed at ISO 250.


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