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What makes the best ‘people’ photography? Is it a particular lighting technique? The type of camera someone uses? The location? In my experience, the most important factor of all is the interaction between the photographer and the subjects of the image. Does that sound silly or trite? It’s not! Think about it: you’ve seen incredibly moving photos of just faces, devoid of any background or prop…just raw, unadulterated humanness. That’s because the person in front of the lens is interacting in some way with the person behind the lens. With that connection, the image becomes more than just technically correct. It becomes a work of art.

Choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting task. Hey I’m married, I remember what it was like! It’s hard to really know if you’ve made the right choice. You weed out the ones who don’t do good work, of course. But after that…it’s often a matter of instinct. You feel comfortable with one, but not another. One seems professional, the other doesn’t. Ultimately, you choose the one you feel is going to capture your wedding day the way you want it captured. And you decide that based on who you feel you can trust and relate to.

I believe in this very strongly! It benefits me as much as it does my client, to feel that trust and understanding. Which is why I’ve structured my engagement sessions the way I have.

Just like with my family portrait sessions, I offer a money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy when you see your engagement-session proofs, you get a complete refund of your session fee. You don’t even have to be unhappy…you can simply decide you like another photographer better, and get your money back. Sure, that’s a great idea, but what does that have to do with finding a photographer you can connect with?

Everything, as it turns out. If you have a photo session with me before your wedding day, you can see who I am and how I interact under actual working conditions. A pre-booking meeting is important, but it’s not the same thing. I want everyone to have an engagement session, so they can be sure I’m the right guy to shoot their wedding. Which is why I make it risk-free.

Oh and just to make sure it’s completely painless, you can apply your engagement session fee towards your wedding package (if you choose to book me). That makes the engagement session essentially free! Can’t get much better than that.

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