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  1. Very nice treatment! Have a question though…Do photographers and designers have a brief meeting on what to do? Or just go out, i will shoot and you do the layout?

  2. Thanks! To answer your question, it varies depending on the assignment. Most of the time, a publication will have at least an idea of how many pages the spread will be, how many images they need, whether a cover needs to be shot, and the general look and feel of the images. Sometimes a photographer will do something “on spec”, especially when it comes to fashion shoots, and shop it around to magazines. For that, the magazine will have to take what it gets, because the shoot is already done…but they will still be looking for images that fit within the framework of their layout.

    In this case, I was given instruction that a single cover image was needed, on a white background, with a back-to-school theme. I don’t remember if the idea of the girl sitting on the books was mine or the art director’s. I gave them some headshots of girls in the right age range, they picked one, and I arranged with her parents to do a shoot. It was then up to me to deliver the right images. Shot this in my garage on white seamless, since the budget was not a big one.

    Hope that answers your question!

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