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  1. This photograph makes me laugh. As your title says, no words. The photo describes itself perfectly! You have managed to catch the livelihood of these young children. Superb! I always think more natural photo’s like this, or shall I say candid photo’s are always better than posed photo’s!

  2. Thanks Kevin! I do agree about candids, although they are for some reason harder to predict. πŸ™‚

  3. The pictures really speak for itself. No words, just the photos with thousands of meaning. I don’t know what his doing but I’m sure he doesn’t knew that your taking pictures of him. So natural, so innocent. Thanks for sharing this on the web. So inspiring. πŸ™‚

  4. No words! I wonder why this is the title of the blog. Maybe because it contains nothing but only pictures. Upon seeing these pictures, especially the left most one, I remember some memories of the past. When I was a kid I’m also doing the like, when we are playing- somewhat like hide and seek. I couldn’t forget it because it cause me to stay on bed for almost 2 months for a severe injury on my left leg when I fall on the ditch. I hope that boy wont fall the same without no words to say.

  5. We can make stories out of pictures. But the above photos is about an innocent child. Are you allowed to have his pictures to be published here? The title contradicts about what the picture says. We can say many words in just a single picture, right?

  6. Having this kind of pictures reminded me of my childhood. It is now how much innocent the child is but how he will grow in the future. It depends on us how we mold our children in the future. Looks like the child in the picture has a lot of words to say even if we don’t hear his voice.

  7. When I open your site, I was partly amazed because of its uniqueness. Why did I say its unique? It is because most of the site that I visited has an article say what they want to say. In your case, you did not put any article, only a picture of a boy. I can rarely find this to other sites. I guess, you really know the true meaning of photography. That a single picture can still tell a story despite its lack of words.

  8. Exactly no words! you can make your own stories out of different collection of photos. It seems that you didn’t gave much effort in making the photos more expressive. I’ve visit sites that posts very nice pictures. I know that you can also have a better shot nice time. good luck!

  9. Nice picture it’s funny. As I can see on the picture the boy means something according on his facial expression. I like the second picture it looks like the boy is being hypnotized. Thanks for sharing this nice picture.

  10. Just curious, what do you want us to say something about this cute little boy? My guess is that, maybe this is your way of telling us that naughty little children behave just like this particular boy in the picture, right?

  11. Your picture is so mysterious. There’s no description, but I know it connotes a lot of message. Just looking at the boy many things suddenly came into my mind, however I can’t tell if it is right since you were the one who really knew the exact message of this. Hope you will at least give us a hint regarding that picture. thank you.

  12. Indeed, a single picture can connotes thousands of explanation. it is proven by the picture you posted in this post. A cute boy who blindfolded himself? Wow that’s so mysterious! There were really things in this world that don’t need a thorough explanation to be appreciated by people. Just like this picture. Good job!

  13. No words needed! We’re drawn naturally to the expression conveyed by the left boy’s mouth and right boy’s eyes. Their relative posture and proximity are unmistakable. I was there many times in my childhood.

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