Runway: Project Ethos ‘Incubator’ Fashion Show (part 1)

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Last Friday (March 19, 2010) I shot the Project Ethos ‘Incubator’ show, at the Music Box in Hollywood. This was part of LA Fashion Week. I was doing this for my friends over at Little Designer Book, the best little blog about up-and-coming designers on the net! This edition of Project Ethos featured ten—TEN!—designers. I’m slowly moving through the 800+ images I shot that evening, bringing you the best of what was on offer. This, as you can imagine, is a multi-part blog installment.

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First up, above and below, are selected designs from Goga by Gordana. Gordana was on Project Runway Season 6.

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DSCF2382 DSCF2400


     Designer Gordana Gelhausen with model.

Designer Gordana Gelhausen with model.

Next up, below, we have Haus of Estrada, by Jesus Estrada. He was a Season 7 contestant on Project Runway (I’m sensing a theme here).

DSCF2275 DSCF2278

DSCF2298 DSCF2307

DSCF2333 DSCF2338


Designer Jesus Estrada with model.

And finally for this installment, we have a new designer “Love Child” aka Rachel Fiegelson. She opened the show, and isn’t listed on the Ethos website (and I can’t find a link to the designer’s website). And oh look, there’s “Ms. S” in the last image, who I’ve shot twice (here and here). I received a text from her before the show…she’s spotted me getting things ready on the press stand. Small world!

DSCF1628 DSCF1643


Sharylyn (left)

"Ms. S" (left)

Still to come: Fulani, Seth Wellington, Marialia, EMEL Fashion, Rumple Munkeh, ARKA and Devious Damzels…

P.S. If you’re a designer or model who participated in Project Ethos and would like some images (no charge), contact me here.

5 thoughts on “Runway: Project Ethos ‘Incubator’ Fashion Show (part 1)

  1. Matt-

    We are in desperate need of art / vendor photos from Friday. You took some great photos! Do you have any?


  2. Unfortunately I only took images from the press stand, and have nothing of the art or vendors. Sorry! Sending a direct email too…

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