Laguna Sunday Morning

Yes, sometimes I travel quite a distance to make family portraits. But in this case it was worth it!



[click “continue reading” below for more…]On Sunday I had the pleasure of making portraits for a family from south Orange County. I’m pleased and honored that they were willing to have me come all the way down to Laguna Beach from Ventura, rather than use someone local…and there are many talented photographers in ‘The OC’.

Their son has an early bedtime, so we decided to select a morning shoot rather than a sunset shoot. 7:30 am in Laguna means I had to leave the house at 5:15 am. I think I woke up somewhere around Irvine. The day was overcast, which made for very flattering ‘portrait lighting’, with just enough drama in the sky to keep things interesting. The rocks of Aliso Beach made a great backdrop. We worked quickly, only got a little wet, only knocked over a lightstand once, and had a lot of fun! Got lots of great images too. Their son held up wonderfully, with smiles throughout. Can’t ask for a better portrait shoot!

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  1. Excellent pictures Matt! Once again you took great family pictures, they turned out so good! Keep up the good work!

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